Meet Piper!

Many of you may have seen my last Facebook post about this pup-in-need. She is officially looking for a loving forever home.

Rescue Puppy for Adoption in Show Low, Arizona
Rescue Puppy for Adoption in Show Low, Arizona

Here’s her story:

Piper was found by my assistant, Velda, when driving to work last Thursday. A vehicle pulled over to the side of the road near a wall and ejected this little girl out, then drove off. The only place for this abandoned pup to go was directly into traffic. So, Velda picked her up and brought her to me. Knowing that a local rescue would not take her because she was found on the reservation and she had a fairly severe case of mange, I took her home where we are currently nursing her back to health.

In the meantime, we’re reaching out to find Piper a loving forever home that can welcome this little girl and take some extra care with her as she heals. If anyone is interested, email me

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